Collaborative Law Services

Collaborative Family Law offers divorcing couples a alternate approach to an untangling marriage. Traditionally, lawyers settle disputes, and the threat of litigation is always present. Instead of taking sides, Amyra Henry strives to take the threat of litigation out of the equation, and guides the parties towards a settlement between themselves—yet with legal support—lessening the emotional, financial and legal aspects of this dramatic life event.

Every divorce is difficult, in its own way. But, the difficulty can be minimized with a collaborative approach.

As a certified Coach and Child Specialist in the practice of Collaborative Law, Amyra Henry LCSW ACSW has seen the negative impact that high conflict, litigious divorces have on all family members. As a consultant for Collaborative Practice of Family Law, her specialized work benefits couples and families through:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Collaborative Coach and Child Specialist
  • Post-Decree Parenting and Counseling

Amyra always works towards a collaborative approach, advocating respectful communication and effective problem-solving. Her goal is to keep divorcing couples out of court, whenever possible. Staying out of court is far more cost efficient than ongoing litigation. It also promotes a respectful divorce and affords both parties maximum control over the process. Ultimately, collaborative mediation by a qualified, professional, certified coach and child specialist encourages healthy, cooperative co-parenting relationships that, whenever possible, should be pursued, for the sake of the children.

As the Child Specialist, Amyra meets with the children to help them deal with the impact of the parents’ divorce, and she may share information with parents to help them protect the children from untoward outcomes.

This collaborative effort often results in more harmonious, restructured family relationships, for children and their parents. More satisfaction is derived from collaborative family law practice and the negotiated settlements leave the parties more intact as individuals and as parents.


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